Friday, June 12, 2009

Exped Founders: Andy and Heidi Brun

The following text is from the Exped website:

Self portrait of the two founders of Exped: Andi and Heidi Brun while working on a cabin in the Canadian wilderness of the Northwest Territories in 1981. With very little equipment and food mainly provided from nature around them they lived 100 miles away from civilization for 9 months. That's why we have the Canadian goose in our Exped logo. Like our founders each one of the Exped-team shares their love for outdoor experiences as mountaineers, backpackers, cyclists, hikers, and wilderness enthusiasts just like you.

We LOVE this story and we will be hounding Heidi and Andy to cough up some more photos and stories from this particular adventure. We're also going to be working hard to talk these two into a trip back to this spot! Perhaps a 30 year reunion with that part of the world is in order. We think it is and it seems only fitting that other Exped team members join them, eh? We're keen to set up a few Venus III Deluxe Plus tents on the site and watch the geese fly overhead.

Let's go!