Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Exped Orion wins Outdoor Magazin wind test!

The highly respected German publication, Outdoor Magazin, recently did a wind test of multiple tents and the Exped Orion won! Check out the video here. Also take a look at some of the videos of other brands and models.

Here's what they had to say:

Exped Orion
Storm proof trekking palace

The most storm proof tent in the test comes from Switzerland. Three poles that cross each other and a wrinkle free and clean setup allowed the Orion to stand up against the howling 75 mph gust of the wind machine. Only at a windspeed of 81 mph did it give in. You can rely on this tent. It keeps you dry, vents well and offers easy handling. Setup takes less than 4 minutes and is easily done. Adjustable loops allow pegs to be set without trouble. The large amount of space in the vestibules is just great. The canopy is less generous but steep and high walls offer enough space for 2 campers.

Conclusion: High quality, comfortable and extremely storm and rainproof tent for any season.