Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Morning trip

Funny flying story #26- On my way to Seattle to meet a customer yesterday. Wake early and go to airport. Pick up boarding pass, fly through security, grab a hot beverage, and wait for departure. Board plane, sit on the aisle, read that book I've been meaning to finish. Door closes, find I have 2 seats open next to me, so I make the classic "air sofa." Flight attendant says we'll have an early departure. Plane pushes back, new chapter in the book. On runway now, picking up speed. Strange bright white flash. Large bang. Plane wiggles left, then right, then goes into FULL stop mode. Things stowed under the seat continue forward. Plane shudders then stops. Moment of silence. Slowly taxi back to gate. Ground crew run towards the plane. We must stay seated. Captain is not sure what it was. One hour later, captain is not sure what it was. We deplane. Next flight is too late for meeting. Exit airport, and am back home in time for lunch. Miles earned: zero.