Thursday, July 16, 2009

Exped LLC and Virtual Sales Meetings (aka Webinics)

One of the pillars of Exped LLC's business philosophy is being "open to new ideas." We, and our business partners, have put this to the test recently. This time of year we're preparing for our big trade show in Salt Lake City where outdoor companies show retailers all the new products for next spring and summer. Prior to the trade show every company conducts a sales meeting at which all the cool new gear and new colors are shown to sales representatives (the folks who help us maintain excellent relationships with all the local shops around North America - we just can't do it alone!).

Typically, sales meetings bring company employees and sales reps together for a 2 or 3 day meeting. These meetings are always informative and fun, but they are also time consuming, expensive, and require many people to get in airplanes and fly across the country. Since we are a small company looking for any excuse to be as efficient as possible, we decided that we'd do our sales meetings from home - everyone's home. So we've spent the past few weeks working with laptops, video cameras, Skype,, and Google Docs and succeeded in doing a series of informative sales meetings with no fewer than 10 rep agencies across North America. Nobody got on an airplane or moved from their homes or offices. Nobody spent money staying in a hotel and nobody had to be away from their family.

The technology wasn't perfect, but it was workable. We conveyed the information that needed to be communicated in a very efficient way and in the process we lived up to our tagline:

Maximum experience with minimal means.

Good times!