Thursday, July 16, 2009

Exped Sleeping Mats: Innovation, highest quality, and attention to detail

In future posts we'll cover each of the following critical Exped mat features in detail. The following are the keys to the performance of Exped mats and set them apart from all other mats on the market. Each of the following are Exped innovations:

  • Polyether Lamination (not polyurethane) Benefits: No hydrolysis destroying the laminate and creating air leakage
  • Integrated Inflation Pump Benefits: Easy inflation with no lung power necessary, no moist air blown into the mat to encourage mold growth
  • FlatValve Technology (patent pending) Benefit: High volume inflation/deflation, no hard edges where old style hard valves meet the soft mat, no "rebound" to fight when purging and deflating the mat
  • DownMat (the one and only) Benefits: Greatest insulation to weight/bulk ratio of any mat, super compressible and light
  • SynMat (double bonded insulation) Benefits: Unlike all other mats using synthetic lofting insulation, Exped Synmat bonds the insulation to the top and bottom of the mat. This ensures that the insulation reaches its fullest loft every time the mat is inflated. Other mats bond the insulation to the top only, severely limiting the insulative capability of the mat
  • Factory Testing (every mat: 24 hrs inflated/24 hrs deflated) Benefits: Factory testing ensures that each mat that leaves the factory does so in a 100% airtight state
  • Highest Quality Fabrics and Construction Benefits: Performance longevity, abrasion resistance, comfort, lamination integrity, edge weld integrity, super strong internal baffles
More soon.