Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Exped Air Pillow

OK, I'm an official convert to the pillow. Let me explain:

Like so many other mountaineering enthusiasts and lightweight backpackers, I have been schooled in the "light is right" mindset. If you don't absolutely need it, don't take it. As a point of order it should be said that as a paddler I've been raised on a different set of ideas, but that's for future post.

Anyway, the Exped Air Pillow will be new for 2010 and so I needed to give one a try. My recent hiking trip along the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington gave me the perfect opportunity to try it out. Results? Sleeping comfort. And it's so light and compact that the penalty for carrying a dedicated pillow is almost non-existent. Air Pillow is shaped so that back sleepers and side sleepers have just the right support for comfortable head positioning and it uses FlatValves for
low bulk, durability, and ease of use.

Keep an eye out for Air Pillow in 2010!