Monday, August 17, 2009

For those of us that can't (don't) read hangtags,...

Several weeks ago we had an adventure where several of the more intrepid adventure seekers in our party opted to sleep out under the open sky without the bug security of our tents. Somehow they lucked out and enjoyed the entire night free of that notorious bloodsucking and sleep depriving drone. That said, it is nice to know that even on a buggy night there is a way for us to enjoy the stars without the itching welts.

For the "Gear Weenies" that actually read hangtags you may have already figured this out, but the rest of us sometimes need to be shown the clever Exped solutions that come with our sleeping bags.

Here is a quick visual demo to illustrate the solution.

Each sleeping bag comes with two bags, the waterproof Fold DryBag(terrecotta) that you pack your sleeping bag into while adventuring, and the mesh storage sack (black) for storing your sleeping bag nicely lofted and aired while you are planning your next escapade.

If your night under the tarp or sky is a bit buggier than you are willing to endure, just convert the storage sack into a sleeping bag sized bug-proof head net.

Sleep well!