Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Exped Mtn Pro 40 Pack

On my recent backpacking trip on the Pacific Crest Trail I used an early version of the Mtn Pro 40 pack. We went fairly light - my gear weighed 28 pounds including food and water. Inside the pack I had several items worth noting to get a feel for what the Mtn Pro 40 will carry:

Exped Polaris Tent

  • We thought about going with a tarp, but decided to stay out of the bugs
  • Also, I just really like the Polaris

Wallcreeper 400 (will be the Dreamwalker 450 in 2010)
  • Used this as my hanging-around-camp jacket

Downmat 7 Short
  • Put the pack and extra clothes at my feet
  • This is my mat of choice for backcountry ski trips as well
  • No back pain or stiffness in the morning!

Waterproof Compression Bag (for 2010 this bag will come with a purge valve)
  • At the beginning of the trip this bag was on the outside
  • Extra clothing within
  • It didn't rain, but if it had my clothes would have been dry in this bag

Fold Drybag CS
  • Used the medium size for my sleeping bag (lower left, terracotta color)