Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Exped supports wilderness expansion in Alpine Lakes

Less than an hour away from the Exped LLC offices, east of Seattle, is a section of the Cascade mountains known as the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. It is a remarkably beautiful place we and our local customers visit often. It is also home to wildlife and groves of ancient trees. In short, it is one of the places where the soul of the Pacific Northwest can be experienced directly.

Exped LLC is a signatory to a letter recently sent to our representatives in government, encouraging them to continue the quest to expand the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. We've pasted the letter in below - please give it a read. Better yet, if you haven't visited the Pratt River, go and take it in soon. This amazing fall weather is a perfect time to see this beautiful stretch of river.

Here's a map of the Pratt River. You will quickly see that it is a living link between the mountains at it's headwaters and the rivers and civilization below.

View Pratt River in a larger map