Friday, November 13, 2009

Exped SIM Comfort 10 DLX is now available!

You can start looking for this mat at your favorite outdoor specialty retailers now. In Exped's line of famously comfortable mats, this one is the most luxurious. The sleeping surface is very comfortable against the skin and the dimensions are generous: 78" long, 26" wide and a full 4" thick! SIM stands for Self Inflating Mat, and due to the thick foam, this mat truly does inflate itself. As you will see in the above video, a few breaths will top it off if you like a firmer sleeping surface. And with an R-Value of 9.5, this is also the warmest mat in the Exped line.

The SIM Comfort 10 DLX Mat is designed to be the ultimate base camp, car camping, and portable guest bed. But despite its luxuriant dimensions, it rolls into a surprisingly small package for transport, especially compared with other car camping mats. For this reason, the SIM Comfort 10 DLX finds its way onto wilderness trips with luxury minded paddlers, especially canoeists.

And finally, this mat utilizes the newest exclusive Exped mat features:

  • FlatValve Technology for high volume air flow, ease of use, and durability
  • Exped's proprietary lamination that is impervious to the moisture degradation known as hydrolysis
  • Velcro strips along the sides for joining mats together
Don't forget the Comfort Equation:

Comfort = Good Sleep = Happy Camper