Thursday, February 11, 2010

Adventure is alive and well in Naperville, Illinois

We just received a great email from Doug, an Exped fan in Naperville, Illinois, with photos of his "junk skis" (a snowboard cut in half) attached. Here's what he said about them:

"My junk boards are 150 cm (140/120/140). They kick and glide
wonderfully and turn like butta. The hill (in Naperville, IL) is about 3 stories tall, no more. But because the boards plane early, you can turn from the get-go."

As we've mentioned before, here at Exped LLC we have a simple definition for adventure:

Adventure = Outcome Unknown

Doug, your junk skiing definitely qualifies as an adventure in our book and we salute your adventurous spirit! Ski it as it lies, eh?