Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Exped Tents - Fly and Footprint only!

Exped tents are all "exoskeleton" designs, which means that the poles are situated in the fly rather than the inner tent. This makes Exped tents very quick to set up, protects the inner tent from rain during set-up, allows guy lines to be anchored directly to the poles for added stability and allows the fly to be set up on its own. Combined with a footprint, all double walled Exped tents can be used in this way for lightweight trips.

The example used in this video, the Venus II, creates a space where 3 people can sleep and the combined weight of poles, fly and footprint is only 4.25 lbs/1930 grams. With just the poles and fly the weight drops to right about 3.52 lbs/1596 grams for 3 people. Not bad...