Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Exped ComfortFoam Mat

The ComfortFoam mats share the same chassis as the DownMat and SynMat, but are filled with re-purposed foam pellets from the manufacturing process of the Exped SIM mats. The foam that's drilled out of SIM mats (see SIM lite video) is used here as insulation.

These mats are luxurious to sleep on, easy to inflate, and very warm. Perfect mats for canoeing, where it's OK to bring a slightly bulkier mat. In fact, well known canoe adventurer and author, is a fan of this mat. Here's what he had to say:

Last year, my daughter joined me on a canoe trip and I needed a foam
sleeping pad for her. I use and highly recommend Thermarest pads but I
thought it would be fun to try something new. So I bought an Exped Comfort
Foam Mat 7. It looks like a conventional tubed air mattress but it¹s filled
with recycled foam cylinders which provide considerable warmth (R value =
4.0). Inflated thickness is just under 3 inches and the pad weighs 2 pounds
12 ounces. My daughter loved the pad, said it was almost as comfortable as
her mattress at home. That said, I decided to try it on my spring solo
canoe trip in the Boundary Waters. My impressions:

Luxurious comfort, better than my old full length Thermarest (LE) foam pad.
I couldn¹t feel a single obstacle beneath, even when rolled solidly on one
hip. There was none of the bouncy feeling one gets when lying on a
conventional air mattress and no feeling of sinking into the crevices
between tubes. The 20 inch width increased comfort still more (my Thermarest
is 18 inches wide)‹those extra two inches keep your elbows from falling off
the matt and contacting the cold ground. This is especially important with a
thick mattress where the ³elbow drop² is (in this case) nearly three inches.
There are two valves so inflation is super fast. You just open the valves
and the matt self-inflates to about three-fourths capacity in about 30
seconds. That¹s much faster than my Thermarest. A half dozen breaths of air
and inflation to full comfort is complete. The pad deflates as quickly as it
inflates: just pull both (rotating/locking) valves and roll away. The pad is
very nicely made and the valves look like they¹ll last longer than me.

Highly recommended. I love this new foam matt. It¹s acceptably light, very
warm, luxuriously comfortable and wide enough to contain my elbows. It has
now become my mattress of choice. Naturally, I made a breathable fabric
cover for it.

Cliff Jacobson
Outdoors Writer and Canoeing & Camping Consultant
Member, Outdoor Writers Association of America
American Canoe Assn. Recipient: Legends of Paddling Award