Friday, August 27, 2010

Exped SynMat and MultiMat: A happy customer comments...

Here's a recent email we received from a very happy customer. We can relate to the "I love him dearly but he drives me nuts" part...

To the Exped people,

My husband is obsessed with camping and camping gear. In fact, I love him dearly but he drives me nuts. Back when we were younger, throughout our twenties, we went camping A LOT. One year we did over forty backcountry camping trips in one year. We used to hike in carrying all of our gear in our packs and we were always well equipped for the trip. I love being out in the wilds of our province (B.C.) and enjoyed those trips very much. As I got older though, the appeal of sleeping on a thin matt on the hard ground became increasingly less appealing. My back would hurt, I'd toss and turn and wake up in the morning after hours of trying to find a comfortable position in a sometimes less-than-great mood. My solution to this was to get my husband interested in sailing and we bought a sailboat.

For the past ten years all of our vacations and weekend trips would be sailing around the coast, still enjoying being out "away from it all", but with the bonus of not having to sleep on the hard ground in the woods, but instead in a cushy comfy warm berth. This year we moved to the island and sold our boat, and (I should have seen it coming) my husband resumed his obsession with camping. When we lay in bed at night and read he doesn't read novels, he reads gear catalogues. We own six 4 season expedition tents and we have used them all in all manner of conditions from heavy snow loads to driving rain and sandy beaches in scorching heat. We also each have numerous sleeping bags, expedition packs, ultra light weight stoves, etc etc... The man has a collection of gear catalogues dating back from 1985. When we see a tent, or a pack, or any piece of quality gear, he can tell me not only what item it is, but give me a full review of it. He knows his stuff.

Having sold the boat and moved to a new place that offers countless new trails and camping opportunities I knew I was in trouble. I was going to have to go camping, often. Being much closer to 40 than 20 I was not looking forward to it. That is where you come in. It is important to note that I don't care a whit about gear really, I just like to know that my shoes wont leak, my pack will be reasonably comfortable, and I wont freeze to death. My husband gleefully takes on the role of the purchaser and selector of all our equipment. When he dragged me into yet another outdoor store to look at yet another piece of gear I was less than enthused. Some people use their big closets to store clothing, ours is the "camping closet". So when he told me that we were spending in excess of 300$ on two new sleeping mats I thought he had lost his mind. We already own seven thermarests in various ranges of thickness. But, whatever, we bought the new Synmat 9 deluxe's. That weekend we went to Manning Park to sleep under a blanket of snow deep in the month of December. I have a -30 down bag but still always find myself freezing cold and uncomfortable when camping in the winter. Not so anymore, not with my new matt. The Syn matt is awesome! For the first time EVER I was warm. I was also ridiculously comfortable. I slept through the entire night. Since that first trip we have been on numerous trips and many of them were my idea.

We just came home from a camping trip to the North end of Vancouver Island this week and I had to write to you and say Thanks, because never have I been more comfy than with my Syn Matt. The matt addresses every reason I didn't want to camp anymore. My husband has since bought a Syn Matt 7.5 basic to add to his solo arsenal and we recently became the proud owners of a Multi Matt. I could write you a list of all the awesome ways in which the Multi Matt can be used, but you probably already know all about it. For me, I wanted mostly to let you know that although I can't describe succinctly enough how much my husband loves camping gear and how much I really don't care about camping gear, suffice it to say that the fact that I keep telling him we need to buy an EXPED tent now and am writing this email to you speaks volumes. The Syn Matt is an awesome piece of gear that completely transforms the camping experience. I'm still out there in the woods only because of you.

Great job!