Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Exped Mats and the "Ride Across America"

Here's a testimonial we received recently from Richard and Jeannette McGrath of Hearts Up Ranch. A unique adventure for sure...

Eight months ago, we began a journey of a lifetime. We dipped our feet in the Pacific ocean, mounted our horses, and headed towards the Atlantic to "Ride Across America" for the benefit of Hearts Up Ranch. Two of our four horses carried our camping gear- tent, sleeping bags, dehydrated food,.... and Exped Pads. Leaving a Tempurpedic bed behind at home, we researched high and low to find a pad we could sleep comfortably on for an entire year. In our extensive horse packing experience, we have used everything from foam to other brands of air pads. When we discovered Exped pads, we were delighted to find a comfortable and insulating pad- in an incredibly light and compact size.

We were hesitant to trust an air pad, as we have had problems with them in the past, but we set out on our journey with Exped pads and were overly impressed with their performance. Not only are they comfortable, they are thick enough that a 250 pound man could sleep without feeling the ground. They take up very little space, they are easy to pump up, they adequately insulate from the ground, and they are incredibly durable. After eight months, 1800 miles, temperatures from 20 below to 115 degrees, and many, many nights in the tent on all kinds of surfaces, the pads are still going strong and have no leaks.

At last, outdoor adventurers do not have to sacrifice comfort for weight and compact space when they use Exped pads. We are fans for life!

- Richard and Jeannette McGrath - coast to coast horse riders