Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Exped DownMat - thoughts from Ten Sleep

We recently received this note from Exped fan R.C. Carter:

I own and operate Big Horn Adventure Outfitters in Ten Sleep, Wy. My extensive outdoor experience has taught me that a good night's sleep is paramount when my client's and I are deep in the backcountry. Especially when we are laying it all on the line in the pursuit of trophy bull elk or flyfishing for Golden Trout, in the Big Horn Mountains. We pack our gear in with an amazing string of pack goats, so I'm always trying to find new gear that makes the most efficient use of space without compromising comfort. Exped's downmat is the best mattress package I have ever used, both in terms of comfort on cold nights and efficient size and weight. These mats are small and light enough to fit on my goats or on our backs, yet tough enough to soak up those vertical anomalies that lie between you and some solid z's. Thank you Exped for such a standout product.

R.C. Carter