Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Exped Explorer Trekking Poles

In the above photo, Ted is holding a pair of Exped Explorer 130 trekking poles. The Explorer poles come in two lengths, 120 and 130. This refers to the maximum extension of the poles - one for shorter to average height individuals and one for taller folks. The Explorer poles are
4-section poles designed to make them collapse to a very short packed size. These poles collapse to 49cm/19.3" and 52cm/20.5" respectively, making them some of the most compact poles on the market. They can be carried inside most 30 liter packs or strapped to the outside to make travel on any sort of public transport much easier.

For 2011 we've simplified the naming of our trekking poles: 3-section poles (for super light weight) are called Alpine 125 and Alpine 140 and the 4-section poles (as above for extreme compactness) are available in the Explorer 120, 130 and the 130 SA (shock absorber model). Same great poles as last year but easier to remember.