Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Exped LLC Family Ski Trip...oh, and strategy session

As you may have gathered from our blog, Exped LLC is made up of a tightly knit group of outdoor people. We have a love of adventure and enjoy bringing high quality gear to our like-minded customers across North America. Our counterparts at Exped headquarters in Zurich long ago set a great example for how to run a business and enjoy life along the way. We're inspired by their commitment to making the best outdoor gear in the world while achieving balanced lives. This past week in Whistler, BC gave us an opportunity to blend the best parts of life with business and it was memorable.

During the week the four of us (Dave, Josh, Ted, Kaj) worked on business strategy for 2011, nailing down some of the stickiest topics that had yet to be resolved. We warmed ourselves by the fire while debating the pros and cons of the myriad aspects of our little company. But between sessions we took to the slopes to ski together (of course, business conversations continue on the lifts and at lunch). This is the way to build a team - work hard and play hard, together. It works well. We are now ready to plunge into 2011 wholeheartedly.

But without our families, we wouldn't be able to have a business; they make it possible for us to do what we do. After our working and skiing together it was time to thank our families for their support over the past year. So we skied and laughed and goofed off - together.

Work + Adventure + Family = (see photos above)