Friday, January 28, 2011

Exped Torrent 30 and Torrent 50 waterproof packs

Josh heads back to Saas Fee after a day of skiing. Now, pastries...

Dave heads to FedEx to send some packages to our customers

Josh at 3600 meters in Switzerland, October skiing

The view from Kaj's stern seat while paddling on the west coast of Vancouver Island

Canyoneering in Europe

For 2011 we've added a size in this pack and simplified the name (previously Drypack WB 30). Torrent 30 and 50 are excellent pack choices for wet environments such as cycling in the rain, canyoneering, caving, wet weather hiking, everyday urban usage in wet parts of the world, canoeing, etc. Although not submersible (roll-top closures don't seal tightly enough for underwater use), this pack will keep your gear dry in the the worst rain storm.

This is definitely a favorite of the Exped LLC crew in the Seattle area. Seems like we are always dealing with wet conditions around here. Dave uses his on the bike while riding in town, Ted seems to use his for everything including regular paddling outings, Kaj takes his to the ultimate field to keep his gear dry on the sidelines and even Josh (living in warmer California) finds uses for this pack.