Thursday, January 27, 2011

In the factories for the winter...

Tent inspection with head of tent production, down to the finest details, using a magnifying glass is helpful

Exped sleeping bag production is hightech: welding of Waterbloc sleeping bags

Exped Mama [Heidi's nickname - another is The Boss] at work in sleepingbag factory

Poncho production workshop: small factory, but engaged team

Three earnest men inspecting one poncho

Two laughing women can turn tough at the right time when checking packs

Sleeping bag development for 2012: three thoughtful women turn out wonders

Winter is the time of the year when the main production of our gear takes place and it's a very busy time. Exped owners, Andy and Heidi Brun spend about 3 months every year in Asia working with our factory partners making sure everything, down the the micro details, is just right. Exped has close relationships with our factories and the talented people who work in them and this is what leads to our consistently high quality and innovation; great people working together toward a goal. It's a fun and highly rewarding process and our closely knit teams in Europe, North America and Asia are proud of the results, because, in the end, we are users of our own gear and it's gotta be the best.

Note: photo captions came from Andy