Monday, April 11, 2011

Exped Volunteer Work - Wolfe Property State Park

This past Saturday the Exped LLC crew (and family members) got a chance to volunteer their time and muscle power to a good cause. We are corporate sponsors of Washington Water Trails Association, the non-profit organization that oversees the planning, development and maintenance of water trails in Washington state. On this particular outing, the volunteer group was doing work on a new campsite along the Cascadia Marine Trail. Wolfe Property State Park now has a campsite for human powered watercraft users and it will be a good one.

The day started with the volunteers meeting at Shine Tidelands State Park on Bywater Bay, just north of the Hood Canal bridge. We were shuttled to the campsite by van and boat and all ended up with tools in hand. We cleared brush from the future tent site, constructed and anchored an informational sign, dug a drainage ditch and transplanted seedlings to line the beach access trail. It's truly amazing to see how much can be done by a group of motivated folks!

Exped provided snacks and, of course, we had to include a little Swiss chocolate and Nutella to give just a hint of Swissness to the event. We also brought tarps and tents to set up in the event of rain, but we were spared the wetness that has characterized our spring around here. At one point in the day we were called down to the beach by our park ranger cohorts to see one of the Trident submarines being escorted out of Hood Canal. And those of us who were transported to the site by boat got a good look at the legendary sea monster at the point just east of the campsite.

Dave couldn't make it to the chili feed at the Peterson's (outstanding, by the way) because he rode his bike to the meeting point and had to get going to catch his ferry. And speaking of biking, we're pretty sure Josh was also riding his bike on Saturday - he didn't fly in for this one. Someone has to get some sun for this group!

We're already looking forward to the next WWTA work party. We've spent many nights in these campsites here along the Salish Sea and it feels great to give back a little for the good of the community.