Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Torrent 30 on location in Bangladesh

As we've mentioned before here on the blog, we love to get photos and stories about how our gear is being used out there in the world. These photos and the note below were recently sent to us by Steve, a customer in Seattle:

I was leading a small film crew to the Southeastern part of Bangladesh. We were there on behalf of the Leprosy Mission of Canada to film the work they are doing in that part of the country.

The photos were taken on a day when we took a boat out to the middle of nowhere on Kaptai Lake. We were visiting a tiny village where a bunch of refugees from Burma live. The instance of leprosy among the refugees is extraordinarily high, and we were part detectives ('Why do so many of these people have leprosy?') and part fundraisers ('Tell us your story so we can share it with donors back home.').

It was an interesting trip and the bag came in handy during the rainstorm that hit in the afternoon – during which the cameraman's camera was nestled safely in the Exped bag. :-)