Friday, July 8, 2011

Please welcome Brendan Collins to Exped LLC!

We are extremely pleased to welcome Brendan Collins to the Exped LLC team. He'll be working as our Customer Service Specialist and brings with him a wealth of outdoor wisdom and enthusiasm. Brendan comes to us from The Land of 10,000 Lakes (Minnesota) but now counts himself as a happy transplant to the Pacific Northwest. Shown here on the summit of Mt. Whitney, Brendan is an avid backpacker, cyclist, cross-country skier as well as an adventurous paddler. We think all of these interests will be well fed here in his new home base of Seattle - mountains to the east and west and water everywhere. Actually, it's the water in the air that will be his biggest challenge (you know, the cloud cover, mist and rain...and the resultant grey sky). But we digress...

Brendan spent the past 3 1/2 years working at the renowned specialty outdoor shop in Minneapolis, Midwest Mountaineering. He was the camping department coordinator and in that capacity found himself selling a lot of Exped gear, especially sleeping mats. Brendan also did many instructional presentations at the shop - lightweight backpacking being a regular program.

We count ourselves fortunate that Brendan has chosen to join our island of misfit toys...wait...we mean our team. His involvement in our day-to-day operations has already, in week one, had an immediate positive influence. Welcome aboard Brendan!