Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"EXPEDing" the Liberty Lake Trail of Kejimkujik National Park, Nova Scotia

We recently received the note below from some Exped fans in Nova Scotia (Thanks guys!). We applaud their innovative thinking and have added yet another place to our must-visit list (this is a long list already!). Here's their story:

Three of us have recently returned from Kejimkujik National Park where we hiked the 60.5 KM Liberty Lake Trail. Exped gear played a significant role in our success and enjoyment of the adventure.

We are all proud owners of Exped gear (likely the largest collection of it in the Maritimes). Shelter was provided by a Sirius Extreme tent (for 2 of us), comfort was supplied by Multimats and either SynMats, or DownMats, and to keep it all organized those amazing Shrink Bags (20L). With pack space at a premium, the ability to easily package and compress our sleeping bags, clothes and shelters was fantastic and then to be able to shape the package to our backpacks was awesome. Gone are the days of the cylindrical compression sacks and their inefficient use of space.

After we’d completed the 60.5 KM hike we stayed in the parks campground for a night. This was when we found another use for the shrink bag. It served us proudly as a make shift ice bucket to cool our much deserved beverages as you can see in the photo.

From Cody, Mac and Neil in Nova Scotia, Canada: thank you Exped for make the great products which made our Kejimkujik experience so much more enjoyable.