Thursday, August 25, 2011

Getting out there with our gear

As you may know if you check out this blog once in a while, we are all (in Seattle and Zurich) avid outdoors people. Any chance we get we're headed out on some sort of adventure - from a walk along a local trail to bike tours in wine country to ski's definitely in our blood. The activities we pursue are varied and change with the seasons, but one thing we always do on our adventures is use the gear we make. We must admit, it's really fun.

This photo is from a paddling trip a couple of us did recently. It's just a random shot from around one of our camps, but it is a pretty typical scene for us. And we like to think this is what our jobs are really all about - taking the gear to wild places.

We'll keep at it and suggest this course of action for everyone else.

See you out there!