Monday, October 10, 2011

Exped Bivy-Poncho UL

Using a poncho as rain gear has several advantages over wearing a rain jacket and rain pants in certain circumstances. It allows air to circulate around your torso, helping to keep you cool while in motion. With gaiters on (or even without) it eliminates the need to wear rain pants. Your pack is also covered, eliminating the need to carry a separate pack cover. And, if you are a photographer and carrying an SLR in a padded case on your chest, that is protected as well.

The Bivy-Poncho UL (UL stands for ultralight) is made using very light 15 denier ripstop nylon which has been PU coated and siliconized on the outer surface and the seams are taped. Snaps around the perimeter allow the length of the poncho to be varied and the amount of ventilation controlled. The snaps also make conversion to a bivy sack quick and effective. 8 guy loops turn Bivy Poncho UL into a tarp shelter. It packs into it's own chest pocket and built-in cord lets you tie around the waist in windy conditions or sling the packed poncho over your shoulder when not in use.

It's hard for us to resist saying (as a Swiss-based company) that the Bivy-Poncho UL it functional as a Swiss army knife.

Bivy-Poncho UL

Average Weight: 380 grams/13.4 ounces
Open Size: 2.4 x 1.5m/90 x 62"
Color: green