Monday, November 7, 2011

Exped Air Pillow: highly effective hibernation tool

Dateline: Fall

Embracing the fall season requires, for many species on planet earth, a particular skill - sleep. The days are getting shorter which means, of course, that the nights are getting longer. All obvious enough. But for many outdoor enthusiasts it isn't always so obvious that we should be giving in to the forces of nature and joining the crowd for some good, old fashioned hibernation. Really!

One of the best ways to get some good quality Zzzz's is to go on an outdoor trip in the fall or winter. If we let nature take its course we are almost guaranteed some serious, uninterrupted sleep (if we leave out the 2 a.m. excursion to empty the bladder). It's almost impossible to NOT get a good night's sleep.

But these long bouts of hibernation practice are much more comfortable with a few sleep aids. May we suggest a thick and warm sleeping mat, puffy sleeping bag Exped Air Pillow. This final touch will put you in league with the best hibernators on the planet.

Sleep! Yes! It's the cool new thing...