Thursday, December 1, 2011


Some folks aren't sure what EXPED means so we thought a little clarification is in order. The simple answer is that EXPED is short for Expedition Equipment. You know, EXPEDition - like that. But when you really start thinking about it another question arises. What's the definition of an expedition? Hmmm.

When we look it up (Wikipedia, dictionary, etc.) we get this as the consensus definition:

...long journey or voyage undertaken for a specific purpose, often exploratory, scientific, geographic, military or political in nature.

We chose the name EXPED for our company because it is our passion to make gear that works for the long journey, whatever that may be. For some this might be a three month mountaineering adventure in the Himalaya. For others it's a two week kayaking trip in Alaska. For yet others it's a cycling trip around the world. These adventures have several things in common: they take a while, they're hard on gear and they demand careful and constant attention to the details.

To make gear that can perform well on these long journeys - expeditions - requires a commitment to apply deeply thoughtful design to every piece of gear and always use the highest quality fabrics and materials throughout. It's also imperative that the workmanship be of the highest quality. And we often take extra time in the development process to make sure we can test and evaluate the gear before it is sold in shops and used by our customers. Because of this approach, our products often cost more than the competition, but that's how these things work. High quality is a bit more expensive and, like a fine wine, it's worth waiting for and has a positive influence on the experience.

So, like the careful process you go through to prepare for your expedition, we do the same with the gear we design and build. An expedition demands the best.