Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Snow will return...

Here in the Pacific Northwest, where us North American Exped folks make our home, it has been very dry and calm. For several weeks now we've had no rain or wind in the lowlands or snow in the mountains. As a bunch of ski enthusiasts we're sensitive to the collective mood of our ski buddies, and right now it's a little Or maybe a better word is tense. Or maybe FREAKED OUT is more accurate.

Listen, we're fine. We're just concerned about our friends who seem a bit
troubled and...uh...edgy. So we wanted to help them through their day by
reminding them (once again, we're fine) that everything passes, including big, fat high pressure systems that kEep sNOw froM FALLING IN THE mOUNTAINS!

(eyes closed, jaw loose, hands unclenched, counting to 10)

Like we said, all is good here. Snow is in the forecast...