Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Getting into our work

For the crew here at Exped, winter is the time when we focus our energies on dialing in the new season's gear. This means that Andy and Heidi head to Asia for 4 months to collaborate with our partners in the factories, ensuring every t is crossed and i is dotted in the construction of our gear. The rest of the team, in Zurich and Seattle, are busy making sure all other aspects of Exped are ready for the exciting spring and summer seasons just around the corner.

Above are a few photos of the team doing what they do:

- Andy makes sure he's got his thinking cap on

- Dave literally dives into his work

- Ted and Brendan head down to the pub for a strategy session

So fear not, we are putting in the hard work on our end to make certain that Exped gear will be available in your favorite outdoor shop this spring.