Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Exped DownMat UL 7 video

DownMat UL 7 weight per size:

XS 420 g 14.8 oz
S 530 g 18.7 oz
M 580 g 20.5 oz
LW 750 g 26.5 oz

R-value: 5.9 (same as our standard Downmat 7)

The key point to consider when deciding between DownMat UL 7 and DownMat 7 is just how much durability you need. DM UL 7 is made with 20 denier fabric and DM 7 uses 75 denier fabric and there is a corresponding increase in abrasion and puncture resistance. Like any ultralight product, increased care is required but the resulting payoff in pack weight and size is amazing - with no loss of warmth and comfort!