Friday, April 27, 2012

Give BIG: please help Exped support WWTA

Exped is an enthusiastic and active supporter of Washington Water Trails Association. We are a corporate sponsor of WWTA and we give our time to help maintain the campsites that make up the network of water trails in Washington state. We love to paddle and camp and WWTA helps us do both. 

On Wednesday, May 2, friends and supporters of WWTA will have the opportunity to invest in the work they do through The Seattle Foundation's GiveBIG campaign.  This is an especially important day to support WWTA.

GiveBIG is a one-day, online charitable giving event to inspire people to give generously to nonprofit organizations who make the Pacific NW a healthier and more vital place to live.

Gifts to WWTA will be stretched further, thanks to generous contributions from GiveBIG sponsors. The way it works is the more money Washington Water Trail Association raises through The Seattle Foundation’s website on May 2, the more money WWTA will receive from the GiveBIG stretch pool. This “stretch pool” is the pool of contributions donated by generous GiveBIG sponsors. So, if WWTA receives 3% of the money donated through GiveBIG on May 2, it will receive 3% of the stretch pool!

Golden Ticket: Throughout the day on May 2, donors will be chosen at random to have an additional $1,000 given to the organization [WWTA!] that received their donation. And, the selected donor will also be eligible to win a Starbucks Gift Card worth $100!

All you need to do—in order for your donation to qualify for both the stretch pool and Golden Ticket—is to donate through WWTA’s PROFILE PAGE on The Seattle Foundation's website. Once on the WWTA profile 
page simply click the "DONATE NOW" button and donate with a credit card. 

Please consider joining Exped in supporting Washington Water Trails Association in this way. 


The Exped Team

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Exped Chair Kit - when it's time to kick back

The Exped Chair Kit is simply luxurious. Some will say that it's a violation of the idea that we should be suffering when we go into the outdoors. Granted, by leaving the Chair Kit at home, you will save about 20 ounces, and hey, we leave it at home when we're doing an ultralight trip. And you will be less comfortable without it. But honestly, not every trip is about going as light as possible. What? Impossible! Take extra weight? Heresy! Well, perhaps, and I guess we are guilty once in a while of putting other trip goals ahead of the lightest possible pack weight. Guilty! The reality is that some trips are not about packing as light as possible, but rather packing in a way that allows for some added comfort and perhaps a few treats. Along with things like Chair Kits, we are also guilty of bringing, not always all together, the following:

  • Extra camera gear, including a tripod
  • Fishing gear
  • Wine
  • Tarp for hanging out in the rain
  • Special meals
  • A good book
  • Nature guides
  • Binoculars or monocular
  • Lightweight hammock for lounging
  • Trekking poles
  • Air Pillow
  • Special snacks

So does this mean we aren't into ultralight backpacking? Definitely not! We love to shave grams and go light and fast. It's just that we feel the need to balance that approach with other trips that emphasize other aspects of the outdoor experience. Sitting on a summit, snacking on sardines, and reading a good book is fun too!

Here's to having the freedom to do our own thing! 


Monday, April 23, 2012

Exped tents, tarps, and hammocks combine to make a comfy camp!

Hammocks, tents, and tarps co-exist seamlessly on paddling trips. There's room for them all and everyone can find their comfort zone. On a recent outing in Desolation Sound, part of the Exped crew set up camp in paradise.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Exped Hammock Suspension Kit

The Hammock Suspension Kit is available separately and allows for rapid rigging of hammocks. The slots along the full length of the cord make it especially easy to adjust the length of the lines for centering of the hammock and only a figure eight not is necessary at the end (see top image).

The Exped Ergo Hammock Combi comes standard with these cords and the above video shows the use of the suspension kit with that hammock.

Average Weight (2 cords): 200 g/7 oz.

Weight Capacity: 150 kg/330 lbs

Material: 8mm polypropylene rope, two 5-meter (16.4 ft) lengths

Monday, April 16, 2012

Washington Trails Association - Exped gear

WTA recently tested gear and several items of Exped gear turned out to be among the favorites.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Exped mat testing in the factory

Before an Exped mat leaves the factory it must endure a battery of tests that take up to 72 hours to perform. One of these tests is a seemingly simple one for inflation integrity. Simple because it involves inflating the mat and monitoring it for any leak, but multiply that test by thousands of mats and it's a bit more involved. It does, however, make for an impressive wall of mats!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Exped - Waterproof Compression Bag ULV + Schnozzel + Downmat

On a recent paddling outing we used a number of our products (what's new, eh?), including the combination shown above. The stuff sack is the Waterproof Compression Bag ULV, an ultralight packsack with a purge valve for getting all the air out and helping reduce the bulk of clothing or a sleeping bag. As with all our purge valve equipped packsacks, this one does double duty as a pump sack for our sleeping mats when used with the Schnozzel. Take note that in this case the integrated pump on the DownMat is not being used to inflate the mat, only the valve on the pump is being used to connect the Schnozzel to the mat.

NOTE: The Schnozzel now comes with a FlatValve Adapter, which allows it to be connected to the larger valve on the integrated pumps on DownMat 7, DownMat 9, SynMat 7, SynMat 9 and Comfortfoam Mat 7. The adapter is not necessary for mats without integrated pumps.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Making plans for summer adventure

With spring in the air we are planning our outdoor trips like crazy right now! Moments from past trips definitely fuel the process...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Exped MultiMat on the sidelines

Standing on the sidelines of an ultimate (flying disc) game can be cold and wet. Yesterday, during a rain squall, MultiMat was put to good use as a blanket and a canopy. Normally, it's on the sideline as a dry place to stretch and sit, but it comes in handy for other things as well.