Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Exped Chair Kit - when it's time to kick back

The Exped Chair Kit is simply luxurious. Some will say that it's a violation of the idea that we should be suffering when we go into the outdoors. Granted, by leaving the Chair Kit at home, you will save about 20 ounces, and hey, we leave it at home when we're doing an ultralight trip. And you will be less comfortable without it. But honestly, not every trip is about going as light as possible. What? Impossible! Take extra weight? Heresy! Well, perhaps, and I guess we are guilty once in a while of putting other trip goals ahead of the lightest possible pack weight. Guilty! The reality is that some trips are not about packing as light as possible, but rather packing in a way that allows for some added comfort and perhaps a few treats. Along with things like Chair Kits, we are also guilty of bringing, not always all together, the following:

  • Extra camera gear, including a tripod
  • Fishing gear
  • Wine
  • Tarp for hanging out in the rain
  • Special meals
  • A good book
  • Nature guides
  • Binoculars or monocular
  • Lightweight hammock for lounging
  • Trekking poles
  • Air Pillow
  • Special snacks

So does this mean we aren't into ultralight backpacking? Definitely not! We love to shave grams and go light and fast. It's just that we feel the need to balance that approach with other trips that emphasize other aspects of the outdoor experience. Sitting on a summit, snacking on sardines, and reading a good book is fun too!

Here's to having the freedom to do our own thing!