Monday, April 9, 2012

Exped - Waterproof Compression Bag ULV + Schnozzel + Downmat

On a recent paddling outing we used a number of our products (what's new, eh?), including the combination shown above. The stuff sack is the Waterproof Compression Bag ULV, an ultralight packsack with a purge valve for getting all the air out and helping reduce the bulk of clothing or a sleeping bag. As with all our purge valve equipped packsacks, this one does double duty as a pump sack for our sleeping mats when used with the Schnozzel. Take note that in this case the integrated pump on the DownMat is not being used to inflate the mat, only the valve on the pump is being used to connect the Schnozzel to the mat.

NOTE: The Schnozzel now comes with a FlatValve Adapter, which allows it to be connected to the larger valve on the integrated pumps on DownMat 7, DownMat 9, SynMat 7, SynMat 9 and Comfortfoam Mat 7. The adapter is not necessary for mats without integrated pumps.