Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Exped North American Innovations Meeting - Sucia Island

Once a year we get together with our North American sales representatives to talk about what's new for the coming year, review how things are going at the company, and laugh a lot. Instead of calling these "sales meetings," we prefer to call them innovations meetings, since that's what our company is all about - innovation.
This year we got almost everyone in our extended North American family together (and Andy and Marc from Zurich) and went paddling in the San Juan Islands, specifically Sucia Island. We spent three days together geeking out on new gear, paddling, beach combing and goofing around.

Of course, the cool weather of the NW in early June necessitated widespread use of our DreamWalker sleeping bags while sitting around listening to presentations. Perhaps the largest gathering of DreamWalkers ever!

And maybe the best thing of all was the complete lack of computers, projectors, stuffy rooms, and powerpoint presentations!