Friday, November 16, 2012

EXPED logo goes gooseless

If you've been a user of EXPED gear for a while you may have noticed that our logo has been simplified in the past year. For a long time we've used the familiar EXPED script, and that stays. But more recently we've dropped the goose from the logo. When Exped owners Andy and Heidi Brun spent 9 months in the Canadian wilderness in the early 80's, they were impressed by the geese flying over them day in and day out. That's where the goose in the logo originated.

These days we want to make sure the logo emphasizes the essence of the Exped brand  - that Exped stands for expedition equipment. Whatever our customers' expedition consists of, we build our gear to stand up to the rigors of that use. To do this, we emphasize innovation as well as the highest quality materials and workmanship possible. It's a straightforward goal that should be represented by a straightforward logo. EXPED.  

But the wildness of the goose is there in the background. The "call of the wild" is what inspires us and we know it's what inspires our customers.

See you out there!