Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Exped Fan Club in Nova Scotia

We received this email from our customers in eastern Canada (and self proclaimed Nova Scotia Fan Club) Thanks guys!

Myself and 2 friends, whom we like to think of as the Nova Scotia chapter of the Exped Fan Club, have just spent a soggy weekend in the Nova Scotia woods.  As always our comfort and capability was enhanced by our favorite Exped Expedition Equipment.  The item that was spoken of most over the weekend was the 20L Shrink Bag.  Last summer I shared with you my use of it as a ice bucket, this time I'll share with you my picture of it restraining my Arctic Goose sleeping bag.  It still amazes me how much they simplify packing and protecting equipment and clothes.  
     Despite the poor weather this weekend, we still enjoyed our time in the outdoors.  We had an opportunity to visit an area we'd never been to before which included a scenic river running through a gorge, a waterfall, and a group of Scouting youth learning to appreciate the outdoors in poor weather.  Our next opportunity to get out will have us camping in the dead of winter, thank goodness for the down matt!  This summer the three of use are hoping to tackle the Chignecto Trail in Nova Scoita where I'm sure Exped will play a pivotal role in our equipment management and comfort.

Please enjoy the pictures of us using your products, which we appreciate so much.

As always keep up the good work Exped, your Nova Scotia fan club appreciates you.

Neil, Cody, and Mac