Thursday, January 31, 2013

EXPED DreamWalker and The Happy Camper on TV in Canada

Kevin Callan is The Happy Camper and he's a funny guy. And a knowledgeable guy, too. He was recently on breakfast television in Toronto, Canada and he made mention of the Exped Dreamwalker. It's nice to see Kevin spreading the word about one of our very favorite pieces of gear. Everyone, and we mean EVERYONE should at least know about the DreamWalker bags. They just make a ton of sense! Yes, we are kind of over the top about this thing, but really, it works great.

When you are standing around camp in the evening feeling cold, ask yourself - "Why am I not using that big pile of fluffy down in my tent?" If you have a DreamWalker sleeping bag you can WEAR IT around camp. It really, really, really works really well.

OK, the fanatics have spoken.

Be warm and prosper.