Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Exped gear reviewed in Backpacker Magazine Gear Guide 2013

Mira II

Gemini III

MIRA II: This all-rounder achieves a sub-four-pound weight without compromising durability or interior space. The 70-denier nylon floor resists punctures, dual doors and vestibules provide convenient exits and ample storage, and storm performance is tops: it kept our Washington testers cozy during an epic, only-in-the-Olympics deluge. 

GEMINI III: "It's one of the sturdiest free standing tents I've ever used," raves our veteran tester, reporting  that it withstood 20-mph winds (with gusts approaching 40 mph) in Washington's Alpine Lakes Wilderness and barely shuddered - even without full guyouts rigged. Ventilation is excellent, and durable, 70-and 30-denier nylon fabrics withstood careless treatment. 

Comfort 600

COMFORT 600: Tired of coffin-like mummy bags? Try this 840-fill down toaster, which kept our tester cozy and unconfined in Colorado's Flat Tops Wilderness. The extra-long zipper lets it open to serve as a comforter. And a separate zipper on the footbox provides welcome venting on warmer nights. Says one user, "The cloud-like loft and the anatomically shaped hood kept me warm right down to the rating."