Monday, May 13, 2013

EXPED SynMat 7 on the Appalachian Trail

Here's a bit of a testimonial from a customer of ours who used the SynMat 7 (size M) on the AT a few years ago:

In 2009 I spent 5 and a half months Hiking the Appalachian trail on a southbound trip from Maine to Georgia. For anyone who has thought of doing the AT all i can say is DO IT.  It was an experience that is life changing.  There are wonderful people to meet and such beautiful landscapes and towns that entice excitement for even the most apathetic hiker (they do exist!).  It's beautiful, rugged and tame all at the same time.  An experience that cannot be summed up in words but must be experienced on it's own.  

 I bought the Exped 7 on a whim because I was in dire need of a mat after trying a an accordian style foam pad (bad idea all around) despite its desirable weight. I kept a piece for a quick trial seat. I am not a gear junkie and just wanted a good nights sleep. I figured with while still having some cool nights the Exped 7 would be a good insulator and even found it comfortable as the eastern summer hit with force.  There are many important things that I discovered while on the trail the main one being that without good sleep hiking was less fun.  So I was glad to have carried the Exped 7 over 2000 miles and slept on it for months at a time.  And it grew on me just like a good trail beard.  I used it in my tent, on the floors of shelters, in hostels and upon returning from the trail continued to use it for camping trips, traveling cross country and I've even used it as a primary mattress until we could afford a mattress when we moved into our house!   I owe many good nights of rest to my mat.

All of my trail buddies were jealous as they spent 10 minutes or more blowing up there mats (feeling a little light headed towards the end) and I had my space in the shelter claimed and my sleeping gear set up before they had their mat half way blown up.  That integrated pump is where it's at.  Can't say enough great things about this sleeping pad.  

Cheers to a great nights sleep.