Team Exped LLC





Exped LLC, located in the Seattle area, is the North American subsidiary of Exped AG in Zurich, Switzerland. It is run by five outdoor enthusiasts (us!), each of whom have been working in the outdoor industry for many years. In fact, a rough tally of our years working with outdoor gear adds up to somewhere in the neighborhood of 80. OK, that's a bit nuts, but it has been a fun ride. We've each spent time working in specialty outdoor stores as well as working in various capacities with other outdoor brands. The experience we've gained is useful to us every day, but perhaps our greatest interest in business is customer service. We believe that, along with a few other foundational building blocks like high quality products, customer service is the most important thing we do. We demand great customer service ourselves whenever we buy outdoor gear (or tea, groceries, etc.) and always hope for that pleasant voice on the other end of the phone line. So when you call or email please know that we are always striving to provide you with excellent, respectful customer service to go with your high quality Exped gear. 

When we aren't answering the phones or working on the myriad things we need to do to bring you Exped gear, we are looking for, and finding, outdoor adventure. A love of adventure is what got us into all this and it's what keeps us excited about it. In other words, we use the gear we make. We are all cyclists, skiers, paddlers, hikers, backpackers and travelers and we love to do these things with friends and family. Other activities one or more of us enjoy include motorcycle riding, fishing, mountaineering, ultimate frisbee, trail running, photography, car camping, gardening, brewing beer, drinking tea, eating pie, tasting wine, and just plain goofing off. It's safe to say that we have a love of life!

Thanks for your interest in Exped and we'll see you out there...